Time for a vent

So I spent $30 to gain access to the Learning Place and today, finally I had access and was ready to be bombarded by fantastic resources which would amplify and transform learning for students.  Instead I got access to resources that are more than likely going to suck the brain out of any student who accesses them.  Really?  Are those brain numbing resources the best the Learning Place can do for teachers and students in Queensland?

Vent over.


Help from Hattie

Hattie always makes sense.

“An analysis of the meta analyses of computers in schools indicates that computers are used effectively (a) when there is a diversity of teaching strategies; (b) when there is a pre-training in the use of computers as a teaching and learning tools; (c) when there are multiple opportunities for learning (e.g. deliberative practice, increasing time on task); (d) when a student, not teacher, is in “control” of learning; (e) when peer learning is optimised; and (f) when feedback is optimised.”

Retrieved from http://doverdlc.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/visible-learning-computers.html



Hang on – it’s loading …

I am updated – please enjoy this new update!

After discovering the RAT & SLIC framework I am increasingly confident of becoming an educator who will happily use ICT, knowing that students are learning and genuinely benefitting and being empowered by their experience with ICTs, rather than being numbed by it.

The Australian Curriculum also has great ideas on how to use ICTs constructively and purposefully  to  benefit students.

Here is my mind map on what the syllabus expects of us.

New Mind Map take 2

Here is my mind map on how I will integrate ICTs into my practice and beliefs about education.

Mind Map 3


In mid air….


    Guess you could say I am in mid air right now… wheeeeee.    I have yet to come across an ICT that will WOW  me in to believing it has transformed my teaching or done something amazing for my students.  However, it is my job or will be my job to teach the curriculum and use ICT  and this is something I endeavor to do.  I’m guessing some students will run with it and find amazing and creative ways to work with ICT and it will be a huge part of their future.  Great!  I’m guessing there will also be some that will learn it, use it and still find playing outside  with their friends/ interacting with their environment, a much more rewarding experience and maybe later in life be quite successful without ICT .  Great!  Put those two kinds of people together and they could still learn a lot from one another. Life experiences and people make a good educational experiences too…

Would love to hear what anyone thinks.  If you have by any chance come across an ICT with a serious WOW factor that will transform … please share!!!  Thanks