Make sense to me within 60 seconds or you are history!

Excuse the long absence, I was dealing with a tidal wave of study, body pains, children, life and so on…

Well,  I have not had time really to blog because I have  not really had time to think or reflect really until this morning when I followed my teenage son on his morning walk.  Yes, he does go for walks, with headphones in and can walk quite a bit faster than me. Because of the headphones and his fast walk, I am pretty much walking alone and it is peaceful and quiet…and I started pondering how far I had come with ICT and had I made peace with it?

Yes and no.

But I have come up with a golden rule about ICT which helped me move through the course at a faster rate.  I fell so behind this semester  because I spent endless hours looking for ICT/ apps that would enhance teaching and learning.  So many apps look so appealing and transforming for the classroom.  I took the app makers word for it.  You can do this and then you simply do that and tap this and ta daaaa!  You pull a rabbit out of the hat!  Wow!  OK, I’ll put this app down for sure!  I can see students using this app and learning while they do not even know they are learning.  But… when I actually came to trying it out it did nothing of the sort and had I used it in the classroom it would have been a colossal disaster!  That is how I came up with my number 1 rule – Make sense to me within a 60 seconds or you are history!  Simple as that really and it also made me progress much quicker through the course as I was not spending hours tapping, getting stressed and reminding myself to read the instructions.  Instructions?  They are a thing of the past, just like maps are a thing of the past.  This is the digital age.  Just give me a flashing button or an arrow for where to go next.

ICT rule to live by.


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